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Ambition: " Even though Jarvan already has a Worlds skin, I want Jarvan to be my skin."

Time:11/13/2017 9:00:00 AM +00:00

After the Worlds, Samsung Galaxy Ambition had an interview. 

Q: What did you feel after winning the World Championship?

A: It felt invigorating to finally see all the hard work and time I put in come to this result.

Q: What did you say to your wife after your win? 

A: It was actually as if she was a prophet, because she confidently said ‘you are going to win’. After the victory, she said her prophecy was right and I had to be 3 times more grateful to her. She said it in a joking manner but to see it actually come to fruition like this is astonishing. I think it all went well. 

Q: How are you spending your free time? 

A: I’ve been sleeping a lot since I left home… I have just been sleeping a lot, and eating a lot of delicious food.

Q: You played amazing as Jarvan in the 2nd game. Especially the moment when you got a 3 man knock up into ulti near mid. What went through your mind during this play?

A: At that time, we were at a disadvantage so I wanted to avoid a fight if possible. However, when SKT lost their strong formation, I was like ‘Screw it’ and went in. Somehow, we won that fight and got baron. Afterwards, I thought to myself ‘We won this game’.

Q: There was one moment where you flashed away and then Q’ed back to your flag. Was this a play that you practiced beforehand?

A: Control in teamfights is all about practice and game sense. I had to live even a second longer so I had to flash behind and then Q back to my flag. 

Q: Do you have a female idol you have interest in?

A: From a young age, I never really had an idol I really liked. You can ask anyone and they will tell you the same thing.

Q: What skin are you planning to get for Worlds?

A: I’m still thinking about it. In the jungle, there are so many champions that overlap with previous Worlds skins... Even though this champion already has a Worlds skin, I want Jarvan to be my skin. Jarvan really fits perfectly with me.

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