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Airbus enters esports with 'Out of the Blue'

Time:11/14/2017 11:00:00 AM +00:00

Airbus, a leading European aircraft manufacturer, has made major inroads into the esports world with the apparent sponsorship of a new League of Legends team, Out of the Blue.

The details of the sponsorship are currently unknown, with disjointed announcements maintaining an element of mystery in proceedings. 

If the caption is accurate, and Airbus have entered the EU LCS with a new team called Out of the Blue, it would mean that they have purchased an existing team’s spot – or, as some have suggested, it could be a hint that the European LCS will be expanding, although if that is the case Riot Games will definitely be expected to announce it sooner rather than later.

There is also the possibility that Airbus could be entering the EU Championship Series, the tier of competition just below the LCS. There, they could be joining other famous brands such as FC Shalke 04 and Red Bull in owning a team gunning for a spot in Europe’s premiere competition.

Either way, this is not Airbus’s first foray into esports – they made their first steps into the industry with a partnership with ESWC which was announced in June of this year. Investing into a team, however, would be another level of commitment for the company into the esports world.

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