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Khan: "Nowadays, tanks rarely show up in the toplane."

Time:1/12/2018 7:00:00 AM +00:00

Kingzone DragonX's toplaner, Khan, had an interview with Inven Global during offseason. 

Q. What are your opinions regarding the new name of your team, Kingzone DragonX?

It was really the best that could've done... and personally, I kind of like it. I don't know how the fans might see our name, but come on, isn't it kind of cool? "Kingzone DragonX!" I hope you guys see it as a cool name... (Laughs)

Q. The Spring Split will begin next week. Has your team been preparing well?

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I won't be able to attend the games at that time. In place of me, Rascal will play. Even from my perspective, he's a great player. You guys can expect great things from him.

Q. What kind of mindset and resolution will you maintain for this season?

In regards to the Summer Split of last year, I evaluated and deemed myself a good player. For the upcoming Spring Split, I'm planning to do even better. To achieve that goal, I've been practicing a considerable amount, so please continue to watch me.

Q. Have you been practicing more tanks?

Tanks? Nowadays, tanks rarely show up in the toplane. It feels like the meta shifted in my favor.

Q. Lastly... what pose did you make for the photoshoot of the opening ceremony?

I just crossed my arms... is it too plain? (Laughs)

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