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Vici Gaming perform payroll demotion on management due to a winless season

Time:2/12/2018 9:30:00 AM +00:00

LOL Pro league: Vici Gaming has been underperforming in the season. With high expectations, they are struggling to earn a victory and still ranked bottom in division A with the score of 0W - 7L. VG team released an announcement regarding to the demotion on management, based on this seasons’ tragic performance:

[Official announcement]


2018 was supposed to be a brand-new chapter for us to come back on the road of LOL Pro League (LPL). However, the path of fighting on LPL haven’t been smooth, or even miserable.


Since the 2018 LPL spring splits, VG is off their game, nor can they keep up with the LPL temple. It is humiliating that we are on the 7 losing streak. This is an inevitable responsibility that we cannot escape and surely, we have let our fans down.


Vici Gaming Management have carried out the followings:


VG league of legends branch manager and the coach team received a deduction of their monthly salary; as for the LOL branch manager - Ligaojun (ID: Tacita) is demoted due to the reason of poor management.

Change is hard but we can only improve through changing. We promise in this announcement – during the Lunar New Year period, that we will conduct management reconstruction. We hope that we can rebuild your confidence for VG on the upcoming LPL matches.

Please continue to show your support and

Happy Lunar New Year!

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