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The domination of Zeke’s Convergence

Time:5/16/2018 8:30:00 AM +00:00

+60 Armor

+30 Magic Resist

+250 Mana

+10% Cooldown

Unique Active: Conduit: Bind to and ally without an existing Conduit.

Unique Passive: Casting your ultimate near your ally surrounds you with a frost storm and ignites your ally’s basic attacks for 10 seconds. Enemies inside your frost storm are slowed by 20% and your ally’s attacks burn their target for 50% bonus magic damage over 2 seconds (45 second down)

Frostfire Covenant: Your frost storm ignites when it slows a burning enemy, dealing

40 magic damage per second and slowing by 40% instead for 3 seconds.

The usage of Zeke’s Convergence keeps increasing in the tournament. The effects are very effective on Trundle and tanky supports. The item allows the team, or 1 on 1 situation, to stick close to their enemies and maximize their damage deal. It is very suitable to jungle and supports due to the high cost efficiency and it provides armor as well as magic resist. According to the statistic of usage, 86% of Trundle builds this item in around 20 minutes, so they can acquire advantages in mid-game team fight and jungle stealing.

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