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Game Preference: RNG VS Fnatic MSI 2018 semi-final

Time:5/16/2018 9:00:00 AM +00:00

18/5 18:00. RNG VS Fnatic MSI semi-final

After 3 days of struggle for RNG, the win rate raised to 70%. Comparing with FNC, RNG is 6 wins higher. We should focus on the side-pick pf RNG since the win rate of them in purple side is 78%. In the game of BO5, RNG will have advantages on side-picking.

FNC did not perform as well as in EU LCS. The recent win rate is only 50%. Moreover, they were defeated by EVOS, a Vietnam team, and they have to play against Team Liquid to get qualified. The overall status of the team and performance are the main concerns.


According to the data, the first blood of RNG is comparative worse than FNC’s. only 3 first bloods were achieved in MSI. We prefer first blood for FNC. For first tower, the probability is 50 /50. However, when considering the higher performance of RNG’s bot lane, RNG is a better choice. For First dragon, RNG got 4 dragons out of 5 which showed they are better dragon slayers, so we pick RNG for the first dragon.


*From GGesports

From the odds of GG, RNG’s win rate is over 85%. We think their win rate will be maintained in the coming game. From the past matches, we could see RNG had come back but FNC was still struggling. We predict RNG will win the BO5 with a result of 3:0. 

Our Prediction

Score: RNG 3:0

First Blood: FNC

First Tower: RNG

First Dragon: RNG

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