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Illaoi shows up in MSI 2018: Split push tank killer appears

Time:5/16/2018 8:30:00 AM +00:00

As a popular top lane champ in ranked and normal games, illaoi seems to be absent in most of the match and tournaments, which she has only a 4% overall presence in all kinds of tournaments in 2018, it appears that everyone has agreed that she’s not suitable for tournaments. However in the recent MSI, the top lane player Khan from Kingzone picked illaoi out of nowhere and destroyed EVS’s top lane, which is stunning. And will illaoi waltz into the international tournaments in the future?


Poor mobility, bad chase power, weak at team fights


As one of the most powerful champs at the top lane, she is excellent in the laning phase, however her weaknesses in mobility as well as chase power are often being criticized. Her base movement speed is 340 which is not too low, however her lack of dash abilities makes her bad in escape and team fight positioning. And due to her lack of crowd control abilities, she is basically unable to pursue any enemy who has decided to stop fighting and escape. As for team fights, illaoi does have a powerful ulti with a high area damage over time, however due to the fact that it does no burst and has no CC, the enemies can still easily step outside of the range and deny her ulti. These are the main issues that keep illaoi away from the tournament grounds.




However Khan from KZ has shown us the best way to use illaoi in a tournament in MSI 2018: counter-tank and split-pushing. Tanky champions are mostly heavy and slow, and lack of burst damage, which makes them easy targets for illaoi’s abilities, especially when her E combines with the Kleptomancy rune, this could prove highly rewarding when she’s facing slow tanks. On the other hand, her ulti allows her to win a fight even when she’s outnumbered, which grands her the ability to spilt push without worrying about enemy ganks. Khan took advantage of that and took down Stark, the top laner from EVS in an 1v2 fight in the match, and also took the first turret at the top lane and even the inhibitor at the bot lane, and won his team the game.


Future Prediction:


Tanky champions such as Cho Gath and Ornn are very popular in this MSI and has a high presence rate. Hence it could be a smart move to pick illaoi as a counter pick against them. And split push is a popular strategy in this tournament, and with the ability to 1V2, illaoi can be a nice champ to split push since she doesn’t have to worry about ganks. So illaoi’s pick rate is expected to increase in the future international tournaments. Also KZ did make some mistakes in the match, for example while Khan was split pushing, the other 4 players wandered outside of their turret range for no reason and got caught into a 4V5 situation. Team comps that involve illaoi could be much more practically if this kind of mistakes were to be avoided.

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